NPD research isn’t just about finding winners and losers. The clue’s in the name. We ensure our recruitment gives new ideas the best chances to develop. Whether it’s a new biscuit that’s going to strike fear into cups of tea across the nation or an innovation in kitchenware that will completely change the way we see toast, we’ll help your great ideas get off to a great start. We’ll be the training wheels to your first bike.

Type of respondent needed: most people would say it’s the early adopter, however, we see it as more than this. We know great respondents for NPD are those that have a creative spark in all walks of their life – people with positivity, imagination and vision


Brand positioning, brand proposition; brand house, brand onion; brand tomato, brand tomato. Recruiting the right people to explore your brand’s potential is more than mere semantics. Whether it’s understanding the route to re-appraisal or how best to evolve your visual identity, we’ll make sure the right people are in the room.

Type of respondent needed: you need people who can think in concepts rather than just objects people who are thoughtful and can see the big picture. Our attitudinal and creativity recruitment questions can see the wood for the trees.


There’s three creative routes on the table. The agency likes the one with the cats but the client likes the one with the dogs. We know that guidance towards a strong creative idea isn’t always straight-forward. That’s why our respondents are all assessed for a creative spark so new creative ideas are given the best chance to show everyone what they’re made of. Whether it’s TV, print, radio or digital. Whether it’s a diagnostic reading for impact or early stage creative development we’ll make sure our recruitment serves your purpose.

Type of respondent needed: The type that doesn’t fast forward EVERY ad break and SOMETIMES thinks the ads are better than the TV itself.


5 days til the pitch and you’ve blown the budget on the mood film? Not to worry we’ll get you quick quality recruitment before you can say [insert quip here]

Type of respondent needed: pitch work is fast paced, last minute and tight budgets. You need spontaneous participants that go with the flow – the types that don’t mind starting and finishing late… as last minute stimulus is being thrown through the door.


Good websites are intuitive – great websites are intuitive to the least computer savvy. We know the importance of user environment when it comes to exploring websites and whether it’s lab testing or in their natural setting, we can recruit it – regardless of whether they’re a Chrome crony or a Firefox fanatic

Type of respondent needed: everyone knows that person… the perfectionist with an extreme eye for detail… they can be pretty annoying, but extremely useful for usability research. Both digital natives and the digitally challenged


Customer journey is rarely from A to B to C and methodologies come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s supermarket sweeps, accompanied showers or dear diaries we’ll get you front row seats to all the action – both online and offline. Before the research starts, we make sure all respondents are comfortable with the technology (particularly apps) and really keen to begin!

Type of respondent needed: The over sharer… the one that updates their facebook status with a picture of their breakfast. People that just get excited at sharing their lives with others, even if it’s not reciprocated!


Whether packaging, retail, logo or visual identity research, we know it isn’t always easy for people to talk about design. Our clever recruitment questions make sure respondents can look behind the design and focus on what that means for them.

Type of respondent needed: you’d think it would be someone with a keen eye for design, when in fact it’s the complete opposite. The more novice, the better… people that don’t think about how design fits into their lives, but really notices when it doesn’t.


Ethnography… or professional stalking.. is a great opportunity for you as researchers to be nosey. To immerse yourself in someone else’s life and home, to find out what really makes them tick. This usually involves an element of filming and diaries, using platforms or apps. We know how important it is to have engaged participants, the types that inundate you with material.

Type of respondent: The type that loves having people over, sharing their new recipes or holiday snaps. The show offs, to put it bluntly!