How often do you go away from a group, an accompanied shop, a depth or, indeed, any form of qualitative interview thinking little more than ‘Meh!’? Too often? Well at the risk of blowing a rather hefty trumpet, our clients don’t.

At Safari we simply refuse to accept the indifferent, we reject the unremarkable and won’t even countenance the commonplace. When you finally part company with one of our remarkable respondents, our aim is that you should go away with a ‘Fantastic Fieldwork Feeling’. Every Single Time.

So how do we succeed where many other field agencies fail? Well we know how hard you work to create engaging and interesting workshops, so we put the effort into communicating that to respondents before they come along. If they don’t grasp that they’re there to make your research experience better, they don’t make the cut. By hand-picking articulate, chatty participants who are able to contribute well to each session, we constantly aim to produce interviews which could moderate themselves.